Flexy 205, Trust Failure


I am trying to get the connection going on customer location with my Flexy 205.
All the setups (wizards) are fine, with the exception of the Talk to M configuration.
I get error:

Enterprise Firewall SSL Interception -eWon sa Not supported by Ewons.
Could not retrieve the necessary info from the Talk 2M AS server.
(Please ask your IT department to allow access to *.talk2m.com (TCP 443).
I can try and get the file details of the test and add them.

eWON is connected via 4G router.
Latest Firmware on the eWON (14.6s0)
Talk2MConnectionChecker gives the same result.
Firewall on the 4G device is disabled, so should not be a question of opening a port.

Any help would be very much appriciated.


Make sure the date and time is correct on the Ewon. If you continue to get the error, maybe your Internet Service Provider is intercepting your internet traffic and forcing you to use their certificate? Who is the ISP?

Hi Kyle,

Thanks for the fast response.

Check the time, is set to automatic, and time zone is correct.
When I set to manual, the time and date is indeed correct.

IPS is vodaphone, Spain.

Problem is still present.

Best regards,
Maarten Dielissen

I would recommend that you create a support case at https://support.hms-networks.com so that your local support team can help you. They will be more familiar with your local providers.