Flexy 205



I have 2 flexy 205’s installed(soon to be more) and they have the 4g cellular cards in them. Both of them have a strong cellular signal, but for some reason they randomly lose connection. In the ecatcher program it still shows I am connected, but I get booted offline with my plc, and am no longer able to even ping my devices. Sometimes if I just wait a minute or so I can re-establish a connection to my device, sometimes it is 5 minutes. It is very frustrating. Do you have any suggestions to keep me from having this problem?

Erik Gaskell


Hi Erik,

This may be cause due to the fact that there is a default setting in the COM cfg which resets the cellular connection every 60 minutes. This was more important when we had 2G and 3G technology but is not as useful with 4G. It causes the connection to drop for a few seconds, not long enough usually to update eCatcher, but enough to knock you out of your PLC. The setting is called ‘MaxCallDur’ and you can disable this by setting it to 0 or change it to a higher setting, like 1440 for once a day. You can find this under System < Setup < Storage < Edit COM cfg.