I’d like to confirm if there is a way for the Ewon to force the VPN connection over cellular, while still giving the local network access to the devices behind the Ewon.

Device C is behind the Ewon. Company A is the company on site the Ewon is physically plugged into their existing network. And company B is connected to the Ewon over VPN.

Can I force the Ewon to use cellular for company B and hardwire for Company A?



When using a modem as the VPN connection the eWON does not interface with the WAN port(s) on the device so Company A will not be able to access Device C.

Is there any way to do this with NAT rules ?

Since your WAN connection is the modem you would be using NAT on the modem and not the other connection.

So the “NAT on LAN (Plug ‘n Route)” Wouldn’t work if a vpn is being used?

Hi Zach,

Would it be possible if I called and discussed this with you?



When the eWON is configured to use the modem connection it does not have a configured route to any network plugged into the ports but the LAN. The eWON only supports a single active WAN connection.

If you would like to call you can reach the support team at 312 829 0601 and choose option 2.

Is it possible to use all the Ethernet ports as LAN, then route from the Cellular WAN to the device C?

Or will it not work since the eWon would be plugged into an existing network on the LAN ports.



If what you are asking is if the eWON’s LAN can be on Company A’s existing network and allow Company B to use the VPN to access Device C then yes that is possible.

With this configuration anyone is Company A’s network would be able to access Device C and as long as the WAN network though the modem connection is not the same subnet then Company B will be able to access the device though the VPN.