Flexy KPIs not consistently displaying in M2Web

I have 6 KPIs succesfully set up on the Flexy but when logged into the M2Web site there seems to be no pattern to if the KPIs will show up or not without logging into the Flexy and looking at the summary screen there instead of directly on M2Web. Is this a known issue or is there an issue with my setup?


Can you please send us a screenshot to what you are referring to? So you are able to see the KPIs on the eWon’s summary page on the web interface, but not in M2Web (unless you login to the device)?

Thanks in advance,

I tried to email the screenshots but not sure they went through. Here are the partially redacted screenshots.


Thanks for the screenshots! Do you happen to be using the OPC UA server? If so, I suggest doing the following:

  • Disabling the KPI’s under data management
  • Then going into the OPCUA settings to disable it and clear the settings and certificates
  • Restart the ewon
  • Enable the KPI’s again

We’ve seen a similar case last week, and it was the OPC UA server causing KPI issues, so hopefully the instructions above help you solve this.

Let me know how it goes!

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