Flexy User, Pool, Group Data, and GPS Coordinate Pull from device and log

A few questions:

Does the Flexy have GPS information data?

Can the flexy extract the following information and store it onto an internal string tag?
-eCatcher User that is logged in
-eCatcher Pool that the user is logged in with
-eCatcher Group that the flexy is assigned to
-GPS location
-Triangulated location based off of cell tours (for cellular units)

Basically we want a data value (of user, pool, or group) depending which user is logged in at the time for any given device.


Hi Nick,

For this type of application, I would use the Anybus Wireless Bolt LTE instead of the Ewon modem because you can query the Anybus modem for GPS and cell tower info. I’m not sure if you can actually triangulate a location with the cell tower info or not though. There is some information in the Rest Commands Reference Guide:

There is also an Application Note for using the Flexy and Bolt together here:

The M2Web API Reference Guide has information about querying the Ewon for information:

I don’t think there is a way to query for the currently logged in user though at this time.

Looking at the last document, I see that “getaccountinfo” is a way to obtain pool information. In order for this to work, the user must be specifically coded into the request, correct?

Can you confirm the following, please?
-eCatcher User that is logged in - Not possible
-eCatcher Pool that the user is logged in with - Can be obtained, but specific user must be specified
-eCatcher Group that the flexy is assigned to - Not obtainable
-GPS location - No GPS on flexy
-Triangulated location based off of cell tours (for cellular units) - Not possible


Looking for confirmation on this. Thank you.

Hi Nick,

You can get at least some of this information on the device itself from estat.htm. You can access this file’s contents under Diagnostic → Files Transfer, through an EBD like $dtES$ftH$fnestat.htm (which can be requested through the M2Web API), or through the Basic IDE as in this forum post: System variables - #6 by Tom_Hu

The relevant parameters are:

  • GsmOpId [MCC + MNC]
  • GsmCellId
  • GsmLAC