Flexy205 cellular option

I am very familiar with the Flexy205 via Ethernet and WIFI, but this is the first time I am trying to use the cellular modem expansion cards.

I have an OEM customer who wants to buy a Flexy205 from us so they can send it with their commissioning technician to plug in and give us remote access to their PLCs for support. This customers ships equipment all around the world, but mostly in the US and Europe, so we purchased an FLB3205 (NA cellular card) and an FLB3204 (EU cellular card). My first question is, only the FLB3205 came with a SIM card (AT&T); am I supposed to use that SIM card for both cards or do I need a SIM card from a European company for the FLB3204? My second question is, can I setup the Flexy to try to use the North American cellular card for WAN access first and then use the European card as a backup connection? Can I set up 2 backups and incorporate the Ethernet port?




You should have an EU SIM for the 3204.

Unfortunately, no. You can only have one cell modem installed at a time. It may be possible to find a provider that will work in both the US and EU with one SIM and modem, but that is something you would have to find out from the provider. The different cards are optimized for different regions, so switching modems would give you the best result.