Flexy205 email historical data no attachment

I need to send an email daily, for historical logging data. I setup the Planner and Basic IDE,
I received the email, but the csv file is not attached.

Any settings i missed out?

Flexy205 email historical data daily

In the attachment field, the EBD should be enclosed with brackets with an ampersand at the start, like so:


Where $dtEV is the EBD you’re using. This tells the Ewon to include the result of this EBD as an attachment. Can you make sure yours is set up that way?

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I went ahead and moved your screenshots to private notes since they include your email.

For the email sent using Basic code, does that work as you expect? It looks like your syntax is correct, so I would expect that email to include an attached .csv.

For the planner entry, your attachment must be enclosed in brackets with an ampersand at the start to make it an attachment, as shown in the example below that text box.

i received e mail daily at 5:15am but there is no csv attachment report that i needed.



Its working now: I add ::&[$dtEV]

Thanks for the help


Great, glad to hear it. Just to clarify, in that example $dtEV was just a placeholder for whatever EBD you’re using. Instead of $dtEV you’ll want your full EBD string, like what’s shown in the text of the email in your first screenshot.


Correct, that is the right formatting to use the EBD shown in your first screenshot as an attachment.

thanks and have a good day

You as well!