Flexy205 Modbus TCP - Reading String out of a device

I am trying to pull a serial number and a device tag out of device using Modbus TCP connected to the Flexy205 .
Firmware - 14.xx

The info that I am trying to pull is below
Device Tag - AIT-101
Register - 4901
Data Type - String
Size (Bytes) - 16

Serial Number - A158D145000
Register - 7003
Data Type - String
Size (Bytes) - 11

I have the Value setup as Automatic but not really sure how to pull so many bytes of data

Any help on this would be much appreciated

Hello TJ,

I will look into this issue for you. For now, can you supply a backup with support files of the unit?



I sent you an email with the backup. Please let me know if have any questions.

TJ Trueblood


I do not see the backup with support files in any of our emails. Can you attach it to a reply, or you can create a ticket in our Support Portal.



Here is the back up file


We do have a Tech Forum post that goes over the script required to get a string tag from a Modbus device.


If you would like further help regarding the script, we can discuss setting the code up and scripting.