FTP server

Hello, everyone,

I need to add a directory (folder) to the FTP server of the Ewon Flexy 205, but it is not allowed to do this outside the usr folder. How do I create this folder on the root FTP server? i.e. outside the usr?

Many thanks

Hi nieledm,

It is not possible to add any files or directories outside of the /usr folder on an Ewon. Can you tell us a little more about your application and why you’d like to this?

I’m developing a Java application to collect data from equipment in the field and save it on an FTP server in a predefined folder. As we don’t want to mess with the programming of the equipment in the field, we’d just like to have this folder directly linked, without having to go through usr.

But that’s okay, if we can’t change it in Ewon, we’ll take the hard way out

Many thanks

Understood, thanks for the explanation. Yes, you’ll need to adjust things as you can’t write to the root directory. Let us know if any other questions come up while you get things configured.

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I’m facing yet another problem. When I connect my Java application to Ewon’s FTP, it drops Ewon’s connection.

When you say it drops the Ewon’s connection, do you mean the Ewon disconnects from the Internet, the VPN, or something else?

My understanding is that this is a Java application running on a separate device that is connecting to the Ewon over FTP. Is that accurate?

Can you attach a backup with support files from the Ewon? You can download one from the Ewon’s web interface under Diagnostic → Files Transfer by clicking “Support files” at the top right.