Fw: Case reference 202003-13487 now 202004-1414108

Hello Kyle,

I’m back to working on the case.

Yes, Techno-Matic supplied us the vci_3_5_2_4072.exe and vci_2_20_851_0.exe drivers some 18 months ago and along with the use of the SwitchIxxat application, they always worked with both the following gateways that we had been using so far:

The ‘‘Old’’ USB to CAN Compact V1.6 (as an example P/N 1.01.0087.10100 S/N HW340204) to;

The ‘‘New’’ USB to CAN V2 Compact V1.0 (as an example P/N 1.01.0281.11001 S/N HW372022).

Now in relation with that ‘‘Newer’’ USB to CAN V2 Compact V1.3 ( P/N 1.01.0281.11001 S/N HW372022) that I’m trying to set up, here is what I did so far (in fact, I tried many things but here is what I believe is the most important to bring to your attention):

I tried installing the VCI V2 on V4 that you recommended. It seems like we are closer to a solution that what we were the first time we talked but, we have nothing that can work yet.

Please see document titled ‘‘VCI 2 on VCI 4 w VCI 4 20200403’’ that I sent to you using ‘‘We Transfer’’.

You will also find from what I sent using ‘‘We Transfer’’ a folder named ‘‘TM2000’’ into which you will find the CFG file associated with the application TM2000.

Finally, you will find a folder named ‘‘SwitchIxxat’’ into which you will find the application and some files associated with it. As I can see, there are two versions of the tm2000.cfg file associated with the SwitchIxxat application. One for which the list ends with the following line ‘‘Measure wheel follows=Rollers’’ and one with extra information lower down apparently related to an IXXAT gateway configuration statement.

Also, I realised that with any of you gateways that we used before, any installation was stored into a folder named IXXAT, now it seems to be stored into a folder named HMS.

Please call as soon as you can.

Best Regards,

Marcel Chrétien, ing.

Hi Marcel,

Can you try and respond here:


Hello Tim,

Have you had a chance to find something that could help me
to complete a functionnal installation of your IXXAT USB/CAN gateway S/N
HW594552 to our Win Xp SP3 Panel PC?

We are getting anxious to have a working solution on

We bought 2 of them ~ 2 months ago as spare parts
inventory for the ones that we have in the field.

They are ensuring the operation of tree harvesting machines equipped with a single grip harvesting head that can fall, delimb and
cut to length around 100 trees per hour.

The manufacturer that I’m taking care of this for is
Rotobec Inc.(Rotobec.com) and they a have a number of Customers /
Owners of these machines that they don’t want to end up with no avalability
of replacement USB/CAN gateway.

Would it be possible to you to find a way to assist us as
soon as possible ?

Best Regards,

Garanti sans virus. www.avast.com

Hi Marcel,

Here’s what I heard back from my colleague:

  1. Could you please let me know if the USB-to-CAN V2 is detected in the device manager?
    (Maybe you can send me a screenshot?)

  2. Please let me know if I can access your PC via TeamViewer v14 now?

He said if you’re available before 10:00AM Eastern time then he can help today, if not he’d like to schedule something for tomorrow morning

Hello Tim,

Please find in file attachment the screen shots you asked for this morning.

I will look at the computer to hopefully have it set up with TeamViewer for tomorrow in the morning and let you know once I will be done with it.

In the mean time, let me know if anything else would be helpful to you.

Marcel Chrétien, Eng.

Sounds good, my colleague is in Sweden so if we can try and meet before 10:00 AM Eastern time that would work best for him

Hello Tim,

Despite the fact that I succeede in installing TeamViewer on the computer that we want you to get into from a distance, I couldn’t get into it from 2 other computers I have around me.

On the other hand, the computer that I can’t get into using TeamViewer can get into the other computers.

Let’s talk about it on the phone sometime around 9 eastern time tomorrow.


Marcel Chrétien, Eng.

Hi Marcel,

I just tried calling your Cell and Telephone number but got a busy signal. I’m trying to get in Touch with my colleague Andreas right now to do the team-viewer on this. What was the issue you were running into with the TeamViewer on your PC?

Hi Marcel,

Here’s what I heard from my colleague:

"Yes, the re-installation is a good idea

(there were a MinimonV3 icon from VCI V3 and

a canAnalyser V3 mini from VCI V4 on his desktop.

The VCI V4 and VCI V3 are not compatible and should not be installed parallel).

Also I will be available at 9AM Eastern time"

Hello Tim,

The MinimonV3 shortcut that you could see on the desktop was in fact disfunctional and not removed by the Uninstallation Shield. I always uninstall manually and run VCIClean before reinstalling. I also knew from reading of around 10 days ago that VCI3 and VCI4 weren’t going together well.

My reinstallation of the drivers (VCI3.5.4.4543 with VCI V2.20.855.0) to run the system with an older version (S/N HW372018) of gateway was succesfull. This got me happy to see that I at least still can go back to where I was right before I started installation attempts of the more recent version (S/N HW594552).

I then went on and reinstalled VCI4.0.920 with VCI2onVCI4. with still the same disfunctionnal result.

For your information, I found on your website, downloaded and kept various versions of VCI4

=> VCI4.0.920.0, VCI4.0.911.0, VCI4.0.875.0, VCI4.0.793.0.

Just in case you would find useful to go with a specific version.

The things that I noticed over this process were:

When installing VCI3.5.4.4543 with VCI V2.20.855.0, the installation shield forces you to restart the computer after the installation of each driver package, in fact twice;

Once the installation of the drivers was completed and the computer had finished restarting for the second time, you go on and hook up the gateway which triggered the detection of the new device and the automatic installation of the drivers for it by Windows.

From there everything was functional with S/N HW372018 gateway.


When installing VCI4.0.920 with VCI2onVCI4., the installation shield forces you to restart the computer only after the installation of the first driver package, in fact only one time;

Once the installation of the second driver was completed and the computer not forced to be restarted, you go on and hook up the gateway which doesn’t trigger the detection of the new device and the automatic installation of the drivers for it by Windows.

I went further and looked at the device manager where I could see that the driver was not considered to be installed. I then clicked ‘‘Reinstall’’ and selected automatic which triggered a driver(s) installation by Windows.

The system still being not functionnal, I went on and looked at the device manager again. This time the device manager is in some way showing a driver but displays the following message: ‘’ Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing (Code 39)’’.

What do you think ?

Best Regards,

Marcel Chrétien, Eng.

Hi Marcel,

Here’s what I heard from Andreas,


  1. The VCI V4 supports Windows 7/8/10, but does not support the Windows XP officially.
    With the Windows XP please use the VCI V3.5.4.4543 with the VCI V2.20.855.0.

  2. Could you please let me know if the problem on your Windows XP embedded PC
    occurs with the USB-to-CAN V2 with the Firmware V1.5.4 and V1.7.0?

Hello Andreas and Tim,

I ran extra tests on this gateway S/N HW594552 today.

I run VCI along with VCI 2.2…855.0 and updated its firmware to:


1.5.4 and


No matter the firmware that I load it with, it runs fine for a couple of times and then quits.

Besides of that, the S/N HW372018 (that I never played with the firmware, it is as we received it from your factory) keeps working time after time after time. Of course, switching often from one gateway to the other seems to confuse Win Xp but a restart usually fixes it. But the same treatment doesnt fix it for S/N HW594552.

I’m surprised that even with the same firmware (1.4.1) loaded into both gateways (and their hardware being the same) that windows performs a USB device installation for each of them.

We have put a lot of time and money into this over the last few weeks.

Please Andreas call around 9:00 h eastern time tomorrow april 21st.

Best Regards,


Marcel Chrétien, Eng.

Hi Marcel,

I’ll contact Andreas and see if he’s available tomorrow.


Hello, Tim and Andreas,

The next time we will talk on the phone,it will be possible to you to get into the computer on which we are running the gateways.

I fixed the TeamViewer connection problem by switching to an other anti virus.


Marcel Chrétien, Eng.

Hello Andreas and Tim,

I’m actually available and ready for the conversation we planed to have around 9:00 h eastern time today.


Marcel Chrétien, Eng.

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