FW: Error Codes

Wondering if you can help?

Hello Jeff,

I am looking in to this issue now.


What is the Intesis Unit Code, so that i can grab the correct information?

Hey Kevin right now its showing an error code of -1.

If you can find a list of error codes and what they mean that would be great.




Thank you for the error code information.

What is the Intesis Product code? We have multiple products for Intesis and we need to narrow down what device we should be looking at.

As for the error code, it generally means no communication is occuring between the AC and Unit.

Hey I took a screenshot of some info not sure if this helps at all.

Yeah any info is good



This looks to be a communication error. Can you provide the following information?

Dip Switch Settings on the unit?
Are there any LED indicators showing faults in the communication?
IS this error code showing on the BACNET side?

Hey ok sounds good and yeah I will look more into it tmr and take some pics and send them.

Weird how it has a communication problem when its been fine for a while.

Thanks again


Hello Jeff,

No problem.

The communication problem is between the AC and the intesis unit. I would check the physical connections if you can.