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I am trying to figure out how to map the Modbus registers for the Kohler DEC3000 control panel alarms. Attached is a section of their manual that describes the structure of the alarms with information highlighted that we need.

Can you please provide guidance on how to set these up?


Andy Briggs

Power Telematics, Inc.

Kohler DEC3000 Alarms.pdf (130 KB)

Hello Andy,

It looks like these alarms are tied to modbus registers. Though it is not immediately obvious how the alarms on page 5 are tied to the modbus registers. It looks like you might need to incorporate some logic to the registers to interpret the alarm event.

To help you further I will need some information on what HMS device are you using to read and send the alarms with?


We are using the EC360 and EC310 Ewon device

Hello Andy,

Thank you for this info. If you are using a Netbiter there are a few steps required to get it setup for sending out alarms. Please refer to the Argos administration manual sections for details.

First you will need to setup a template telling to setup what modbus registers the Netbiter will have access to. (Section 9.1)

Once you have a template setup you will need to add a device to the netbiters configuration. This can either be done by first creating a profile (9.2) or adding a device directly to the netbiter with the template(5.1).

If you use a profile you will add parameters to the profile then add the device with this profile. If you use the template the device is added to the device then parameters are created within the configuration directly.

Alarms (5.4) are added with a Alarm parameter telling the Netbiter when to trigger the alarm. The parameter can be added to a profile or added as parameters directly in the device.

To configure who gets the alarms and when you will need to update the account info. (11.7 - 11.10)

The difficult part for you will be how to get the alarms from the device and into the Netbiter in a way that makes sense. Most of the time the Alarms are done with either boolean values or with by setting a number to a register and depending on the value it stands for a particular alarm. With this configuration you would setup the template to look at a modbus register then add a alarm parameter for the register with a boolean expression to trigger the alarm.

Looking at the Kohler user guide it is not clear to me what is set to the modbus register or how the eventID is used. If you can determine what will be set into the modbus register for the alarms we should be able to setup a boolean expression to look for this event. You can also apply a mask to data if needed.

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