Gateway ab7844f need help setting up

Trying to set up a gateway using nettool. I am running into the error “cant create down load path”.
but the program “anybus configuration manager” can detect the gateway.
I am new at this stuff. thanks for your help

NetTool is only used for the DeviceNET Scanner. You need to use ABCM for X-Gateway. Everything you need (software, documentation, EDS, and GSD files) can be found on the following page:

I assuming that abcm stands for “Anybus configuration manager”.
Fanuc says the robot can go ether slave or master.
Depends on the computer board that is in it. we have neither so from our conversation I need a “Master Board”. Would that be correct? That would solve the wiring problem.
Thanks for your help


Yes, you need a Master on both the DevNET and ProfiBUS networks when using this gateway. We have versions of the X-Gateways that have the Master (or Scanner) built-in, but this model, the AB7844-F, does not.

thank you

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