Gateway required from Ethernet Scanner to Profinet IO with S2 redundancy


I am looking to connect our GH180 NXG Pro+ controller.with gateway with Profinet S2 redundancy

NXG controller can provide commnunication Ethernet IP or Profibus or Modbus.
Please suggest the particular type of gateway

Hi @Bips,

What is the device that you are trying to connect to the NXG controller? Does it operate as a master or slave?

NXG controlle is VFD controller and same is slave

with NXG controoler i need Profinet gateway to connect on redundant bus or MRP ring to connect to Siemens Hot redundant PLC which needs to S2 complaince

The Anybus gateways themselves do not have S2 redundancy built in, but the PROFINET IRT X-Gateway has MRP.

I would recommend talking to the Anybus engineers about your project. Where are you located?