Get time change value buffer data

I currently use MytagValueListner to catch when one of my tag change the value. I am able to get the new data. But I have an issue, When there is a disconnection between the Ewon get all data in a buffer. When is reconnect i am able to caught all data in order but I want to know if it possible to get the time when the event append in the buffer.


Hello @letourneaud,
I am not exactly sure what MytagValueListner is, the closest i see for Java is the class EvtTagValueListener. This class inherits the getEventTime() method which returns the date and time when the event occurred as a long.


Hi , my mistake I wanted to say EvtTagValueListener. I used getEventTime() but it seem to get me the time of the reconnection.

@letourneaud can you clarify/explain what connection you are referring to?

I will make the assumption that you are talking about the connection between your Flexy and the PLC or other device. The Ewon Flexy only reads the value of the tag from the end device. The timestamp when the value was sampled on the PLC or other device is not transferred with that tag value. Therefore, the timestamp retrieved from the EvtTagValueListener will only be when the Flexy receives the tag value which in this case is the time of the reconnection.

If this assumption is incorrect please provide more details.

think your assumption is good, I will make more investigation, but i pettry sure you are rigth