Getewons api-call does not return all devices

When using the getewons api-call without using the pool-attribute some devices are missing from the list. Is there some kind of configuration that need to be applied for a device to show up?

Getewons should show all device. Can you share the call you are making? Are you adding any parameters? As soon as an instance is added to you account it should be returned in with the call.

Does the user account used see the device when logging into the talk2m account?
Are you using the new API tokens?


We are using the following call:

The device is showing when logging in through the web interface.

I would expect this to show all devices. Does the individual ewon show up with getewon? How are you verifying the device is not in the response? Are you checking for the ID or the device name? How many devices are in your account?


No, when I try using the name parameter with getewon it is not found. I tried with one of the other devices and that works.

I am checking for the name. When I compare the number of of ewons in the account there are 36 but the api returns 28


Could you PM me your account name and either a username/passwords or an API token for me to use.


Sent information as PM.

Hello @andersb,

To follow up and close this topic out.

You will need to use the m2web call for m2web

While similar you were using the datamailbox call, This call only returns devices that have posted data to the data mailbox and not all ewons in the account.


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