Getting past the flexy adm/adm login

Hi Steven,

I’ll contact my colleagues in Belgium and see what we can do for you


Can you try unchecking this?

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Please let me know what your colleagues say. There has to be a way to do it. What kind of web server does the eWon use? Apache?


Steven Novak – CTO

Connected Controls Inc

Hi Steven,

Did you try the method above and see if that worked?

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I was able to do some testing yesterday and it looks like that checkbox eliminated the adm:adm login popup which is great!

Now I just need to figure out how to programmatically log into the eWon web interface using the API or some other kind of POST functionality. Do you have any insight on this?

Do you mean logging into the account for the initial eWON connection or logging into the specific eWON device?

I am connecting to an eWon via the API. The initial connection to the eWon prompts we for a log in (web page). One you log in it does not ask u the next time. I am assuming because a cookie was set because if I delete my cookies it takes me to the login page again. So i need a way to automatically login. Once logged into the eWon it does an automatic redirect to the HMI. Any ideas?

Hi Steven,

Would it be possible to use an application like lastpass that will save your login information so that they won’t need to remember any login info?