Grund des Neustart: Watchdog im Betrieb (biditr)


i have a problem with a cosy 131 connected to the internet via WAN.
everything is working fine but the watchdog restarts the cosy every 3 minutes with the log entry

20314 Grund des Neustart: Watchdog im Betrieb (biditr)

(Sorry for German)

What would it like to tell me?
What can i do?

regards bruno

Hi Bruno,

What kind of internet connection are you using 3G/4G/Wifi/Ethernet? Also can you send us a backup.tar file with the support files included from ebuddy?


yes of course. But only one from the webif because I have only remote access via m2web to the device at the moment.

Backup.etar.gz (23.3 KB)

Hi Bruno,

Sorry, when we get the backup from ebuddy with the support files included, we get some additional debugging tools. I kind of wonder if there’s something on the network that might be killing the connection such as a firewall

here the MOVED TO STAFF NOTE (174.5 KB)
file from ebuddy

Hi Bruno,

To start, can we update to fw 13.2s1?