GSD File export

I’m using the common ethernet module ABC3090 with a Profinet firmware and I’m trying to generate a GSD file but I don’t see where nor how I can do that. I also found references in this forum to an “HMS GSD Generator Tool” but can’t seem to find it anywhere.

For EtherNet/IP the web interface allows to export an EDS file, but for ProfiNet there’s no such option although your publication SCM-1202-190 1.0 describing transition from the classic communicator to new states the following:

To retrieve the network configuration file from the web interface of the new Communicator (the example is for
EtherNet/IP™, but it is identical for all networks)

How can I export a GSD file for my configured communicator?

Hi @Altamira,

You can download the GSDML file from the Product download page:

The module I’m trying to generate a GSDML file for is preconfigured for 192 INs in slot 1 and 64 OUTs in slot 2.

Is there a way to at least convert or export a GSD from a ProfiNet Simulator Config file (.pncfg)?


I’m not familiar with that file type.

It’s the proprietary format your own software HMS ProfiNet Master Simulator saves its configurations.

The configuration files for the Anybus Communicator are .conf files. I was not aware you were using the PROFINET Master Simulator. I’m not aware of a way to convert or extract a GSD file from a .pncfg file.

I would recommend that you create a case at

Do you have the actual device or are you using the online emulator?

You should be able to download the GSDML from the physical device. It’s not included in the emulator.

I do have the actual device and I was able to download its GSDML using the web interface. However, it is identical to the one in the Product download page (your link above).
Is that normal, especially knowing that my device is configured differently (different IO sizes, different IO map, different RS232 parameters, etc…)?

Yes, that’s normal. The sizes and other parameters will be entered into the PLC’s program after you import the GSSDML.


Thank you Kyle for your support!
I was under the impression the GSDML file would encapsulate all the configuration on the device.