Header file


I want to implement a Profinet IO device (a slave) that is talking to a PLC. The PLC will control the IO device, and the data will be exchanged often (on a millisecond level). The IO device is connected through the PCIe to a Linux machine and will be written in C, and run on Linux. Can you please tell me or provide me with which header folders and libraries I should be using to implement this task? My setup is the following;

Profinet I/O device: IXXAT INpact PIR Slave PCIe
PLC: S7-1200, CPU 1214

If you can provide me with a helping hand I will be grateful.

Hi @anas,

You can find the documentation, drivers, libraries, and source code for this device here:

If you have specific questions about any of it, you should open a case at support.hms-networks.com.