Hello World Example Problem 503

Hello, I used the Application User Guide to get a connection between Eclipse and an Ewon Flexy for Java programming.
Although I did all exercises like it is written in the document, it works not successfully in my workaround. Everything is well up to p.13. If I build the project, another message occured:

Buildfile: C:\Users\service\eclipse-workspace\HelloWorld\build.xml

[jar] Building jar: C:\Users\service\eclipse-workspace\HelloWorld\build\HelloWorld.jar

[ftp] Creating directory: /usr in /
[ftp] sending files
[ftp] transferring C:\Users\service\eclipse-workspace\HelloWorld\build\HelloWorld.jar
[ftp] 1 files sent

[echo] Application will connect the stop-Command
[get] Getting:
[get] To: C:\Users\service\eclipse-workspace\HelloWorld\stop.log
[get] Error opening connection java.io.IOException: Server returned HTTP response code: 503 for URL:
[get] Error opening connection java.io.IOException: Server returned HTTP response code: 503 for URL:
[get] Error opening connection java.io.IOException: Server returned HTTP response code: 503 for URL:
[get] Can’t get to C:\Users\service\eclipse-workspace\HelloWorld\stop.log

C:\Users\service\eclipse-workspace\HelloWorld\build.xml:66: Can’t get to C:\Users\service\eclipse-workspace\HelloWorld\stop.log

Total time: 761 milliseconds

If I execute the JAVA application manually using the Web Interface (like on p.20), I see in the real-time log in the EWON that it works.
If I change the settings for Admin Login, Admin password or IP-Adress in the build.xml, other errors will occur. So these informations are correct.

Has anybody an idea why I cannot make a connection between Eclipse and EWON?


Hi @vjanzen,

Was this the reference that you were using? Also if you run the debugger what step does it seem to get to before throwing the error?


Hello @Tim_hms,
thankyou for your help.
The first problem occurs in the XML for the stop-part (“A” in the screenshot)

. The echo before this was executed but the echo after that was not executed.
But if I comment out this get-execution, it will stop some lines later (“B” in the screenshot).

can you send me the .java file and I can try to take a look at what the issue might be?

I think the java-Code is not the problem. But I send you the Java-File and also the XML-Filebuild.xml (2.9 KB) HelloMain.class (572 Bytes) HelloMain.java (240 Bytes)

Hi @vjanzen, sorry could I also get a backup.tar file of the Flexy from eBuddy with the support files included? I want to verify a few things and check what the event logs are showing

Hello, here the backup.tar-File MOVED TO STAFF NOTE (47 KB) and the Support-File [redacted]

Hi @vjanzen,

I’m not sure what happened but it’s saying that the file was corrupted and I can’t get in to view the support files. Can you grab it from eBuddy and make sure that the box below is checked?


A new try MOVED TO STAFF NOTE (208.5 KB)

It appears it may be a syntax issue that my colleague is describing below:

Start command is more like & runCmd=-heapsize 1M -classpath /usr/HelloWorl.jar -emain MainClass

http://${FlexyIP}/rcgi.bin/jvmCmd?cmd=start&amp ; runCmd=%20-heapsize%20${HeapSize}%20-classpath%20${ftp.dir}/${ProjectName}.jar%20-emain%20${MainClass}%20-debugger%20-port%202800

and stop command


What means

It appears it may be a syntax issue

Exactly these commands I have in my XML-File, which doesn’t work as I want to have. Are they any other things I could try?

My colleague was asking if you could try and connect to the device over eCatcher and then try to use the link below, but change your ip address out for the