Help setting up Bolt as access point

Hello I have a wireless bolt that during setup becomes unresponsive. Tried doing hard (button) reset. As soon as I put it in mode 5 on the easy config and click set, I wait at the prompt for 120 sec then when it reboots the drop down menu is back to none and did not apparently keep that setting persistent.

After that, hard resetting the wireless point, logging in via ethernet, setting it to access point on WLAN settings. Try to connect to the access point via wireless, computer connects but cannot open config at Ping fails at as well.

Please HELP!

Hi @JGmachine,

To start with can you verify that the device is on the newest firmware? If that’s the case is your computer set to DHCP or a static address when you’re connecting to the bolts wifi? You might not be able to reach it if your wifi is in a different range than the range.