Historical logging on Flexy205

I have historical logging turned on writing logs every 60 sec. With the number of tags I have defined, an export using EBD of the Historical table, creates a 300KB file for the past 12 hours. (600 for 24h)
Current memory status in /usr showing 24808KB free of 26188KB total.

So I should get about 41 days of log data.

What happens then? Does it just start to overwrite, or do I need to clear some space?

Hi Lars,

The device works with a FIFO (First in first out) data storage method where older data will be removed in place of new data.


If I have extended the /usr partition with an SD card, is there a way for it to automatically use that space too before overwriting?

Unfortunately there’s no way to have an SD card be used for the historical data of the Ewon, you can only move data from the historical log section to the SD card