Historical logging restore


Is there a way to restore the “historical logging” to load them to the flexy after performing a “reset / formating” of the ewon or in another ewon?

If I copy the ircall.bin file to another ewon, can I reestablish the “historical logging”?

Do you mean old historical logging files? Or do you mean to re-enable historical logging on tags after a reset?


I mean load old historical logging files (i.e. backed up files, via ftp).

It happened to me that I had to reset the ewon and I lost the historical data, so I couldn’t see it anymore the old data in the viewon trend graph.


You can restore the old backup to the unit, and it may show the historical logs. Generally, the tags need to be set up with the historical logging for it to function.

I can test this tomorrow, with my equipment.

Hello Kevin,

When I do a backup with ebuddy, only the / usr directory and the commcfg.txt, config.txt, and program.bas files are saved, but no history log files are saved.

The tags are with the “Historical logging Enabled” option enabled.



I will run some tests tomorrow. My worry is the new logging will ovewrite the previous logging causing the restored data to be lost.


I was not able to get historical data restored on the unit. Unfortunately, once the data is lost post backup, there is no returning it.