Does the HMS Bolt LTE act as a VPN Server? What settings are needed to connect a client VPN? Do you have any use cases explaining how the Bolt is used to make a connection and communications to a remote device.

Hi @dblome,

The Bolt LTE can act as a VPN Client and connect to a VPN Server.

To connect to a VPN Server, you need to create an .ovpn file and import it into the Bolt:


If you are familiar with OpenVPN, you are probably familiar with how to create an .ovpn config file. Solutions like OpenVPN Access Server make it simple to create and export client .ovpn config files.

Common use cases would be any situation in which you want to securely connect remote sites using a cellular connection. The cases can range from a simple point to point connection, to connecting hundreds of remote sites to a central site.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

Best Regards,
Kyle Reynolds