I am using CANOPEN Manger to configure AB7306 ADapter for canopen-ethernet IP
I can scan both the devices

Gateway adapter - Master
Battery-Canopen - Slave

I have downloaded all eds files and can also communicate with adapter from PLC and put adpater into operational
However I am getting error when mapping PDO - RPDO not matching
pls see attached snapshots


I am using Canopen -Anybus config manger to configure HMS AB7306B , CANOPEN /ETHERNET Adapter.

I can see comms and scan both devices
Gatway adapter - Manager
Battery - Canopen - Slave

However In PDO Mapping I am having error when trying to map PDOs- No Matching TPDO/RDPO
I have imported all EDS files into Config Manger
I can also communicate to adapter and put it into operational from my PLC

Pls see attached snapshots
Can you please help


Your device might have predefined PDO mappings so you may need to look at the EDS file then match the messages your device is already configured to send and receive and map them to parameters in the gateway.

If you hover your mouse over the red it should give you an error message.

Do i need to change the cob ID in anybus gateway as slave device already have COB id and TPDO AND RPDO should have same COB ID

If you use the mapping tool it should update automatically. Can you share the devices EDS file?

YES , I am attaching ,
What you mean by mapping tool , is it PDO Mapping window, it does not allow me to map data
so i though i might need to manually change COB ID in gateway to match my device COB ID
SO TPDO in gatway and RDPO in slave will have same COB ID Hoppecke HV Lithium BMS - ID108.eds (23.9 KB) COB ID

It looks like the TPDO’s available have a fixed size and fixed parameters. You need to have TPDO’s setup in the PDO mapping tab match the TPDO’s that the device supports.

When a Valid PDO mapping is configured in the PDO mapping table it will set the matching RPDO on the gateway. You could manually configure them form the PDO settings section in the Network tab but you will be on your own there.

You will also notice the first 4 bytes of the application object value matches the mapped objects index.

I may have gotten a little carried away with screen shots here but I hope it helps explain where everything is coming from.


Also i cannot see one of the signals in mapping - Masteralive counter , This TPDO from Gateway to Slave Device
However i can see this signal in EDS file


I have got one more query apart from above.
I have manged to map most of the data apart from the signal mentioned.
I am using studio 5000 for PLC to talk to adapter, I can see in PLC its showing adapter as running and i could send can control word and read control status however I cannot read the actual data in PLC.
I am making the adapter operation by sending command from PLC with the toggle bit.

You will want to check with the manufacture regarding this. Since the mapping is static if it is not in a predefined PDO you are not able to map it to the gateway. This looks like a limit of the slave device not the Anybus.

Do you see any of the PDO data in a log of the Bus? In the tool from the Online Object Access, do you see any data in the receive objects (words/bytes)?