HMS Compact Com imbedded in Atlas Copco PF6000

I have an Atlas Copco Power Focus 6000 torque controller with an HMS Anybus Compact Com imbedded gateway.

I used the HMI Ipconfig software to set the IP address for a static address.

Whenever I power cycle the unit, I lose the IP Address.

Any suggestions would be helpful.


For embedded cases, we don’t have a lot of control over how the device behaves. You’ll need to contact the OEM for the device and see how the store information such as IP addresses

I have an Atlas Copco PF6000 with an HMS anybusCC. My problem is ( Im not expert using this modules, and is my first time too.). I want to do the communication btw PF6000 with PLC Compactlogix.
My IP in Factory Ethernet Port is the same segment with my controller, but i think that im doing someting bad… idk what is. if someone can help me, i will be very grateful.