HMS-EN2MB-R configuration


I’m trying to configure the HMS-EN2MB-R module. More specifically the Mudbus Client tab. is it accurate to say that:
IP address is
Subnet mask:
Router ip address:

see network image below

The way I see it:
Ishida Checkweigher is the server: it is the CW that shoot provides data that I want to use in PLC.
the HMS-EN2BR-R module is the linking device
and the Stratix 5700 10 ports is the router

Thanks in advance


As longs as the Plant Gateway routes the MODBUS traffic correctly, then that should work.

Hi thanks for your response.

Unfortunately, I cannot validate that info. I have to go through plant’s IT. How can I validate that info with them?


Hello Ricardo,

The plants IT team will have know how the site is networks. They should be able to provide assistance with setting the networking of the device up.

all right I’ll take to them thanks


I got a little program to make sure the checkweigher is communicating properly. This gives me info on the data. As you can see in the image below, I have different information. I’ve been trying to configure the transactions in the linking device but I’m unsuccessful.

Following the image, in the add/edit transaction the function code would be 3: holding register and the starting register would be the Modbus address in this case 40001? is that correct?

Thanks, in advance.