HMS-EN2MB-R - Flashing MTCP and "Transaction error"



I’m currently trying to connect a Walchem W900 ( ) to the HMS-EN2MB-R device. I’m currently having troubles seeing the transactions and getting the Modbus registers to Logix5000.

I have successfully added the AOP and can see the device (both offline and online). However, I do not get any information when going through the “Transaction Monitor” tab.

Thanks for your help,



Hi Mike,

It is unfortunate to here you are having issues with your Linking device.

Before I dive into making suggestions what have you done so far for setup? Have you configured the Modbus TCP side to have an IP address? Have you setup a server with transactions?

What do you see in the transaction monitor tab? There should be a start monitoring button that needs to be clicked for info to be displayed.