HMS-EN2MB-R Not Writing from PLC to MB Server

We have a Modbus Server that has been in operation for 4-5 years. During this time, the Modbus Server is communicating with a ControlLogix PLC (CLX) via RS Linx and Cogent Datahub (Modbus Master) softwares. I am looking at replacing our current softwares with the HMS-EN2MB-R. After configuring and going live with the HMS-EN2MB-R, I am able to read registers in the Modbus Server at the CLX. However, I am not able to write any data to the Modbus Server from the CLX. Any ideas to start troubleshooting this?

The Modbus Server resides on a Windows 10 PC. Does it seem like it could be a Windows setup issue? Windows Firewall is OFF. Maybe, something to do with WIndows User access?


It sounds like you might have 2 Modbus Clients both trying to access the same Modbus Server on the same port.

If that is not the issue, I would look at the exact Modbus error your are receiving to further isolate the issue.