I’m having trouble setting up this Anybus Ethernet to Profibus linking device. I’ve downloaded the AOP but it doesn’t seem to install properly. When running through the setup I get the the screen that is supposed to show module profiles to be installed and no modules show up to install. I’ve downloaded several times and moved the downloaded file to different local directories to make sure it wasn’t something funny like that. I can’t configure the HMS device, my configuration screen is all grey on the right and looks different than the manual shows. I have no way to configure the slave.


Hello @smleziva

The AOP is built into studio 5000 and does not necessarily need to be installed separately. The AOP might already be installed which is why the installer might not be showing the modules.

Do you see the option to add the Linking device? Could you upload a screen shot showing the grey config screen you are talking about.

Also, does studio use network drives? We have seen issues where network drives have issues with loading configuration files for the AOP and you might be seeing a related issues.



My config screen looks like this:

Scott Mleziva