HMS-EN2PB with a CLX I73


Hi Bernardo,

What issue are you having with your EN2PB device?



Hi Tim,

I spoke with Deryck from your team today, but we were not able to solve the issue yet.

The problem is that after performing a configuration download with the Configuration manager, the HMS-EN2PB module crashed giving me a FATAL ERROR. I was able to connect with the USB cable and reset the configuration. I also updated the firmware and was able to restart the module and it was not in error anymore. I was able to assign again an IP address by using the IPconfig tool. However, when trying to download the new configuration with the Configuration Manager, it only downloads 5% and freezes. I performed another factory reset and even assigned different IP address, but I am not able to download the new configuration since it freezes at 5%. I tried many different things but the download always gets stuck in 5%.

I have a ticket number: 1849-30018

Please look at the Fatal Error logs in the files I uploaded in the ticket number. These may provide some important information.

Is there a way we can perform another type of factory reset? I need to resolve this issue ASAP.