HMS-EN2SE-R Configuration without RSLogix

Is there a stand-alone configurator software that can be used to configure HMS-EN2SE-R without the use of RSLogix or Studio 5000? If not, is there a way to send a configuration file/data (generated by using Studio 5000) to the device without using Studio 5000?


The HMS-EN2SE-R requires Studio 5000 for use and configuration. If you do not have access to Studio then you would need to use a communicator. The AB7072 would be the equivalent to the HMS-EN2SE-R.

Hi Zach,
In the event that we cannot use a communicator, is there a work-around to configure send/apply the configuration to the device?

No, there is no work around. The configuration of this device can only be done with an add-on profile that is in Studio 5000. It was design for Rockwell Automation to work specifically with Studio 5000 which is why there is no external program to configure the device.