HMS-EN2SE-R MicroLogix 1400 to a ControlLogix L71


Purchased this recently to connect a MicroLogix 1400 to a ControlLogix L71.

Am Just trying to read back the following Floating Point Values from F8:0 through F8:4 in the Micrologix

Configured the Node to read F8:0 to 0x000, F8:1 to 0x010 … F8:4 to 0x040

Am talking to the Micrologix 1400 on Channel 2. Using a Null Model Cable between them.

Note Checksum Light in lower right of Channel Config is Red ? Checksum is set on both ends of connection as error detection.

Went through all the technical info and have it configured but have questions about the config manager and ControLogix AOP.

Screen Shot of Config Manager Setup

Typical of 5




Nothing in the screen shots jump out to me as incorrect. If you right click on the node and open the Node monitor, do you see any data? If you take a log do you see both Tx and Rx dataCould you upload a copy for me to take a look at? If you don’t see any Rx data try removing the null modem.