Hi, good morning, how can i know why a slave don´t respond. so I have a trouble with a slave than don´t respond it was working ok but today Is not working (all data is showing 0)
Also i would like to know, how i notice this error on PLC
I attach log files.
Thanks in advance
log0724_2.txt (28.6 KB)


You can use the Transaction Monitor within the EN2MB-R UI to verify possible errors including exception codes and timeout errors.

Transaction Monitor
The transaction monitor interface presents a detailed list of all transactions currently operating
on the Modbus-TCP network.
To start or stop the transaction monitor, press the desired button.
The data in the transaction monitor is automatically updated, and it is possible to choose to view
the data either in decimal or in hexadecimal values. The time that has passed since the last
update is visible at the top of the transaction list. Every post in the list contains the following
transaction information:
• Server name and transaction name
• The type of Modbus function chosen for the transaction
• The size of the data read from or written to the Modbus-TCP network
• The actual data read from or written to the Modbus-TCP network
• The bit position of the transaction in the live list (also presented as byte.bit)
If there is a transaction error, an error message will appear instead of the data.
A red frame around the list indicates that the web browser has lost connection to the web server
of the linking device. If this happens, try reloading the page by clicking on “Transaction Monitor”
in the menu to the left.