HMS-EN2SE-R to FactoryTalk Linx

I see in the user manual you configure the EN2SE via the utility in the AOP in Studio 5000. I’m setting up an SLC 500 to read N7:0-N7:40 … This is getting mapped to an Ethernet/IP tag(s)

My question is this. once setup can I use a PC or HMI to read those tags in the EN2SE directly or do they ALWAYS and Exclusively only be read by a Logix CPU and into its tags.

The user manual eludes that inside the EN2SE it reads the serial data into an internal memory. It then maps this data to a Ethernet/IP side tag data. Can I just read this Ethernet/IP tag data from any Ethernet/IP device once its configured in the properly?

Hi @BillPLCGuy,

You may want to use the Anybus AB7072 if you want more flexibility in communication on the Ethernet/IP side. The device is virtually identical to the EN2SE-R, but it has it’s own software for configuration instead of using the AOP. You can then map I/O with RSLogix or send MSG instructions, etc. The EN2SE-R is highly integrated with RSLogix and not really designed to be used with anything else.

However, if you already have the EN2SE-R, you can take a look at page 88 of the User Manual to see what type of CIP messaging is supported.

This is talking to a SLC 5/03 via RS232 DF1 serial … does not look like the AB9006 supports that correct?

I understand the EN2SE is configured with RSlogix, but once setup can other devices talking Ethernet/IP read those Ethernet/IP tags that got setup in the EN2SE? Or are you saying that it will ONLY work with a compactlogix or controllogix cpu?

I’m sorry, I gave you the wrong article number. For serial and DF1 you would want the AB7072.

So the EN2SE unit(s) have already been purchased. The AB7072 looks like the same thing. Is it just a firmware difference or is the outside housing just the same but the “guts” are completely different.

Basically do we have to return/refund all the EN2SE units and buy new … or can we swap firmware or something to use what we have already?

They have the same functions except one uses the AOP in RSLogix. There is no way to swap them with firmware.

Can you tell me exactly what you’re trying to do? You may be fine using the EN2SE-R.

I normally will recommend the AB7072 over the EN2SE-R unless someone is strictly using RSLogix, but in your case, as long as you’re configuring the device with RSLogix, you should be able read tag data from a different device using a get request, for example.

I appreciate your insight into this, I think I’m almost there. Want to get clarification on this just a bit more.

If the EN2SE and the AB7072 are very similar except for the way they are configured. Then let me ask you this…

Can the AB7072 once configured to provide some Ethernet/IP tags mapped from DF1 serial data … can those tags be read by a HMI or by FT Linx pointed to the IP address of the 7072? Will FT linx “see” those Ethernet/IP tags you configured?

I’m not familiar with the capabilities of your HMI or FT Linx, but if they support explicit messaging, you should be able to access the Input Data which is the same data that is in the tags.