HMS IPConfig cannot find AB9007-B

PC, PLC S7 1200 and the Anybus X Gateway: AB9007-B are all connected in the same network but HMS IPconfig is not able to find the gateway.
My system setting is as follows:
Mbus sensors (not connected as of now) → Anybus M-Bus/Modbus-TCP-Gateways → Anybus X-gateway - Modbus TCP Client - PROFINET-IO Device (AB9007-B) → S7 1215.

If I connect Anybus M-Bus/Modbus-TCP-Gateways with the LAN network, I can access it in Netdiscover software and also through Web Browser but Anybus X gateway is connected to the same LAN network(DHCP-on) then I do not find it in HMS IPConfig Software.
The GW light blinks red and green which indicates the configuration is missing and I am not sure how to proceed.

Hi @Mayuri_Bhowmick,

Were you connected to the Modbus TCP connection on the bottom when you were trying to get on with IPconfig or were you trying to get on through the Profinet side? I think it requires you to go through the Modbus TCP connection to get it to work on HMS IPconfig.



Hi @Tim_hms ,

Thank you for the reply. I had later realised that I made a mistake by connecting the cable on Profinet side. I have anyways resolved my problem.
Thanks again.


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Thanks Mayuri, glad to hear it’s working now!