HMS ProSoft PROFIBUS Master Add-On


Is there anyone we can contact for support for an old software exe that was designed for PROFIBUS Master devices? Who can you refer us to that controls partner accounts so we can ask the proper channels for support on an issue a customer is having?


Hello @jcarrillo,

Can you provide me with more info on the software in question? Depending on the software and who wrote it will most likely help me determine who this would need to go to.

Your customer can also submit a to our online support tool here:


Hello @deryck_hms,

This was a software designed by HMS for modules that used the PROFIBUS daughter card like our MVI56-PDPMV1 as an example.


This will need to be handled by our team in Sweden. You will want to submit a ticket to our support tool system. To create an account please follow this link.

Once I received the ticket there I will be able to forward the request to to correct team.