HMSI-27-334 Compile and Run Make-file

Hi, total beginner here trying to navigate the implementation guide. Section 3.6.3 of guide refers to updating the make-file prior to compiling. Where is this make-file located or is this something that needs to be generated.

Not all example projects in the ABCC SDK include a Makefile. I think this document is generically referring to a project file that is responsible for making the target’s compiled output which you may need to create from scratch or use an appropriate example based on the platform you are targeting. Some of the example projects do not use Makefiles and instead use the IDE-specific project files for compiling the example applications (i.e. Keil uVision, or IAR EW).

If you want to see an example Makefile there is one in the “linux_xilinx_arm” (and “TI_C2000_Piccolo”) project, but unless you are specifically targeting these platforms, these files might not be good starting points as there would be other required adaptations when referring to these examples (such as the toolchain/compiler being used, required board support packages, pre-compiled libraries, etc.).


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