How can I can assign modbus register addresses in AB7832?

I have modbus Schneider PLC and profibus Siemens PLC. I want to know how I can select modbus register addresses in Anybus7832 for read and write?


You set the IO sizes for the AB7832 with the Anybus Configuration Manager X-Gateway. Once you allocated the Input/Output Buffer, you will then use the addressing for the mode you selected (Anybus vs Modbus).

Chapter 5 of the Ethernet Slave documentation goes over the addressing for both modes.

Modbus PLC is ready to read and write the values from Gateway.
I need Anybus gateway to assign specific modbus register addresses to read and write from.
How can I do that in AB7832?


There addressing is automatically assigned to the Input/Output buffer. The data location is determined by the order of data that the Profinet sends to the Anybus unit. If Profinet sends the 6 Bytes of data. The addressing will start at the beginning of the Buffer.

There’s not method for the Anybus unit to manually assign what data goes into what addresses of the IO buffer.