How do I get low alarm and high alarm for Ewon tag

I want to combine the results for the instant values (AST_Param=$dtIV) with the low and high alarm values for the tag. Is the proper way to get the low/high alarm via tag list (AST_Param=$dtTL)? I see AlHigh, AlLow as values there.

Do you want to get the status of the alarms or the value of the alarm settings?

You can use the AlStatus and AlType to determine the status and type of alarm:

image image

From Section 3.10 of the EBD Guide.

You could use ‘(AST_Param=$dtTL)’ to get the values of AlHigh and AlLow, but you’d need to parse those results from the file. I would have to look into this to see if there is an easy way to do that.

I want value of the alarm settings. If AlLow and AlHigh are the correct fields to be looking at I can convert the text response to JSON no problem.

Yes, they are.