How do we include multiple tags when sending Information Alarms?

Hi HMS Support,
I was just hoping to find out how do we send multiple tag data in a single information alarm e-mail from the Netbiter EC360.
I have around 40 tags data to be sent to the e-mail. At this stage I can send them individually but is there a way we are able to do as below,
Tag1 = DATA
Tag2 = DATA
Tag3 = DATA…so on to simplify scripting and stuff?

I noticed you have an EBD for flexi and given Netbiter is a more to offer device I am hoping to see if you have something to help with this issue.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Does someone have a solution for this?


The Netbiter does not have this ability. When a tag alarms you only get the information on that tag. The the Netbiter and Flexy are both Ewon devices they are built on different platforms so if you would like that functionality you will need to use a Flexy.

@Zach_HMS Thanks Zach.
Appreciate your response.