How many Ewon devices can we put in one single eCatcher account

Hello Everyone,

How many Ewon devices can we put in one single eCatcher account if each Ewon device has more than 1000 tags to be stored and read from the Data Mailbox API?

Thanks for help!

There’s no strict limit for the number of Ewons per account that I’m aware of. DataMailbox itself has a limit to how many datapoints can be uploaded each month, however. This will depend on how frequently your tags log data and if you have a Talk2M Pro account. For a Talk2M Free+ account, you can upload 5 million datapoints per month. Talk2M Pro increases this to 10 million, and also provides the option of increasing the limit further for an additional charge.

You can determine how many datapoints you’ll be using with this calculator we have available. The number of tags only goes up to 500, so you could just double the number of Ewons to account for that. With 1000 tags on just one device you’ll need to be recording as infrequently as every 10 minutes to make sure you stay under the monthly limit of a Free+ account, so I would consider whether you need to publish data from every single tag. You can use tag groups to control which tags get uploaded to DataMailbox.

You might also consider other options like the M2Web API to pull logs directly from the Ewon using Export Block Descriptors. There is a flat limit of 30,000 API calls per day, plus some amount of VPN traffic used to fulfill the requests, so this might be a better solution to retrieve large amounts of data through fewer requests.