How to configure IP and station name

we developed a motherboard with a 50 pin compactflash connector, on which an HMS AnyBus Profinet AB6605-C M40 module is plugged.
I have to develop the software part on the host, using the ABCC Starter Kit software.

Now I ask me about the network configuration of my AnyBus M40 module. How is it organized ?
I have the HMS PROFINET Master Simulator (v1.0.1.63) installed, and an ethernet cable between my pc and my Profinet M40 module, but when scanning the network (from inside the HMS PROFINET Master Simulator), I do not detect my M40 module, so I cannot configure its IP nor its Station name.

Could you help me on that ?
What am I doing wrong ?

Hello @lmcroisez,

Are you seeing a Link on your PC? You should see a connection establised in your networks adapters window or via a link light. Do you have the correct Network adapter selected?


I have selected the good network adapter on Windows (inside the ProfiNet Master Simulator), but it discovers nothing.
Moreover, on my Ethernet switch, when I plug the cable coming from the AB6605-C M40 module, there is not link light appearing on the switch, nor on the M40 module.
I wonder if it is functional, actually. How could I be sure of that ?

Is the module connected to the host on the compactflash side with the host application running?

The module is connected, yes, but I am currently developping the host application, so it is not running.
I don’t know if the network/Ethernet part of the module is already working, even without the host application running? This is part of my questions, actually…

The module would need to be talking to the host application.

in fact, I expected to have the module functionning, at least on the network side, so that I could send data into the internal memory of the module using the ProfiNet Master Simulator, which would have helped me to develop the host application

I have another question:
should I load a GSDML file from the host application ?
if so, how can I do that ?
Do you have an example of host application for the HMS Profinet AB6605-C M40 module, that could initialize the module correctly, and make the Ethernet link functional ?

Hello @lmcroisez
We have a startkit and starter host application. Do you have a starter kit available? This might be what you are looking for to get started. Get started with your Anybus CompactCom In-design

I recommend reaching out to your local HMS sales team they should be able to provide you with more details on the stater kit and what it offers.


yes, I have a version of the starter kit.
This is version:
** ABCC Starter Kit version 3.03.02 (2017-03-28)
** Delivered with:
** ABP 7.39.01 (2017-03-22)
** ABCC Driver 5.03.02 (2017-03-28)

I know that this is not the latest version, but it should work at first approximation.µ
I would like to have an example of host application, adapted to the parallel-16bit mode

Hello @lmcroisez ,

The starter kit and example host application for windows supports Parallel. To use it you need to set up the parallel Transport provider.


Have you discusses this with your local support team? They typically will help get you started.

what is this tool, which sets the Transport path ? Does it need an evaluation board ?

The windows host application runs though the evaluation board. The screen shot is showing the Transport provider. The transport provider is the driver. This will show up when you start the host application.

Keep in mind the starter kit host application has a few examples in addition to the windows example. Such as STM32 Keil/IAR, Freescale, and linux arm. Some of these also include support for parallel modes. You might be able to base your host application on one of these.


if i understand correctly, this is required to configure the module using the windows evaluation board, before being able to use it on our own hardware and our own host application ?
I must know if i have to buy such Windows evaluation board

A windows evaluation board is not required but is recommended. The Compactcom generally isn’t going to enter a running state until the host application is communicating correctly with it.

Have you been working with anyone else at HMS? I would like to get you in touch with your local support team.


Hello @deryck_hms,
following your advice, I have contacted by phone a guy at, our local reseller in Belgium.
He also recommanded to buy an evaluation board and will send me an offer.
As he told me, the next step for me should be to have a tech contact with HMS, for what concerns the specific implementation/configuration questions.

Great! They should get you in touch with someone who can help you get started.


Thank you very much for your support.
Take care.