How to share talk2m data with a third person

I have a Flexy setup sending data to talk2M DataMailbox. I have a developer ID and a third party supporting my product has a developer ID. I would like to allow the third party to pull data out of my DataMailbox. How would I do that?

The process is as follows:

  1. After 1 or more Flexy devices have been setup and linked to a talk2m account open eCatcher
  2. On the left hand side of the eCatcher window click on users
  3. Add a user (this will create a new “user” account type)
  4. Decided if you want the user to have the ability to change the password, if they do the email must be associated with the user for password maintenance.
  5. Once complete if this is a free account the user can access all eWONs associated with the account
  6. Send the talk2m account name, newly created user name and password to the third party
  7. The third party must request their own Talk2M developer ID
  8. The third party can now access the data, the original admin account can be used to disable the user account if needed.
  9. If more flexibility is needed for example the new user needs to be limited to 1 of many Flexy devices. This can be done but it requires a pro account.

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