How to split integrated switch to two machines


I’ve got two sub-networks at a remote site that should be firewalled from each other. However, I would like to remotely connect to both networks with one Ewon unit.

Can I configure the 4 ports on the Cosy to act as separate NICs, instead of a switch? Or can I use a Flexy with a second LAN card (FLX3101?)



The ewon devices can only create one route though the VPN tunnel so you would have to have a router that would NAT the second network to the ewon’s LAN subnet if you wanted to do this on a single device.

The FLX3101 is used for network communication on the WAN side and not a LAN extension. this was mainly used in the Flexy 201 and before since they only had LAN ports and this card allowed setup for Talk2M.