How to star SPI application Code in linux?



Hi Team,

We are purchased anybus(B40), currently using yocto build (linux) system for applications development, Downloaded application code from anybus portal (host-application-example-code-(for-compactcom-30-and-40-series)), In Linux to read the SPI data need to open device (/dev/spi1.0, /dev/spi1.1 etc) but i searched downloaded complete code for spi device but not able to find, In my hardware we are interfacing anybus to SPI, Please any one help on how to start my application development in linux environment.



Hello Naveen,

I would encourage you to reach out to your local support team via as this support forum is run by our team here in the US. You should be able to receive faster support from them.

To answer your question we do not have a linux example available preconfigured for communication over SPI. You would need to adapt one of the other applications to work with it.