HSP for TIA V17

When can we expect a HSP for TIA Portal V17 for the CM-CANopen for S7-1200 module?
And the updated function blocks? On the website under Downloads and Documentation I can only see function blocks for TIA V11 and V12. Very outdated. I have found some demo project for TIA V14, this includes newer function blocks for transparent CAN, but V14 is also quite old.

You download HSP files for V16 here. Unfortunately, we have to wait for Siemens approval, which take a long time, to release official versions. I can check if we have an update and FBs for V17.

IMPORTANT: Make sure your V16 is updated before installing those.

We are currently testing the HSP file and FBs for V17. I will let you know when they are available. (Could be in about 2 weeks if all goes well)

Thanks Kyle for your feedback!

I’m facing this situation now. Do I need to install TIA V16 in order to use this device?

I haven’t received the HSP for TIA V17. Perhaps Kyle from HMS could let us know if there’s any update…

The files are done, but we must wait for Siemens to approve them.

Should I contact my distributor about obtaining TIA V16 then?

The HSP files for v16 are on the download page here.

If you are asking whether or not to wait until the v17 files are released or switch to TIA Portal v16, I would get v16 because I’m not sure when Siemens is going to get around to approving our v17 files. It usually takes them a few months.

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@kyle_HMS Are there any news about the v17 files? I have a customer who insists on only using TIA Portal v17.

I can only give you the “unofficial” HSP file which hasn’t been signed by Siemens yet so you have to run TIA Portal as administrator to install it. HSP_V17_0079_002_S71200_CANopen_1.0.zip (145.4 KB)