I’m using the export data blocks and send mail to build HTML reports for ewons. The tags link to the data, data updates and it works. BUT, with HTML the pictures are not included in a single file. So I tried an MHT file. The images worked perfect and stay in the report BUT most of my tag links are broken due to the wrapping of the text in the file (see below). I’m using excel to generate the prebuild format, then I publish to MHT or HTML. So the quick answer is do a find/replace on “=” but there are thousands of equal statements and the “=” symbol is in random places in all the tags.

Can I check a box in excel or use a different HTML program where I can keep the tags compete but still have an MHT doc for pictures. OR is there a way to change a setting in the basic IDE or ewon programming to include the images in the HTML?

Examples below, the tag <%#TagSSI,CurrentData.FirstPartTime%> must stay complete or the ewon ignores it.

Section of code from HTML report, data is good but no images.


MHT report, some data broken but it has the images that want. (see “=” sign)

<%#TagSSI,CurrentData.FirstBoardTi= me%>

I read some other posts about HTML images but I must be doing something wrong. Here is the html published code regarding the image… I’ve created a folder called Book1_files, placed the images in there but they do not end up in the report. Do the images have to be in the usr folder? Does the link to the image have to be directed to the user folder?

<v:imagedata src="Book1_files/Book1_25666_image001.png" o:title=""/>


Can you explain a bit more what you are trying to do? Are you emailing an Export Block Descriptor File, and expecting the email to generate the images?

Unfortunately, there isn’t any setting in the eWON unit that can include images with HTML.

Can you attach a backup with support files of the unit you are working with? This can be done using eBuddy.

Ok… thanks for the answer. If the ewon can not include an image in the emailed HTML file then that answers the question. Thanks.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.