If a Flexy gateway has multiple tags configured with the same logging interval, will it always collect all of those tags at the same time?

E.g., if I have a tag to collect the pH, a tag for pressure, and a tag for temperature, and they all have a logging interval of 5 seconds, will the Flexy always record pH, pressure, and temperature together? Or is it possible that the flexy will collect pH at 12:00:00, pressure at 12:00:02, and temperature at 12:00:04?

It depends on the type of tag. Some IO servers will poll the tags in groups, so they would be at the same time. Others have to poll one at a time. What type of IO server is this?

The only IO server we use is Modbus TCP.

Modbus TCP is sending one transaction at a time, but it’s very fast. If you have an update time of 5 seconds it should poll all the tags within that same one second.